Local 303 Job Readiness Program

A pathway to apprenticeship!

Wiring the Future

This unique initiative is aimed at creating a resilient and sustainable workforce. This program equips potential apprentices with advanced skills and essential employment connections in the electrical skilled trade. Participating employers’ benefit from a qualified and experienced workforce, ensuring safe and efficient work execution. Program participants receive safety certifications, practical hands-on experience, and job placements with our selected contractors and partners, ECANH & GTECA. We provide mentorship, wrap-around supports, and necessary resources to ensure success in both the classroom and the workplace.

Local 303 new intake procedure

  • Applications will be only accepted through the Local 303 website.
  • 2024 will include three intakes of 8 students each. The application dates are below, be advised these dates may change.
    • 1st intake- April 1-12/2024
    • 2nd intake- July 15-26/2024
    • 3rd intake- October 7-18/2024
      * Spaces are limited. The application portal may close before the above mentioned dates. First come first served.
  • Each intake will include 6 weeks of in class training which will consist of extensive safety and skilled based courses.
  • After successful completion, students will receive a 3-month work placement as a Ministry Registered apprentice with one of our program partners from ECANH & GTECA to gain hands-on experience in the field.
  • Following a successful experience in the field with a signatory IBEW contractor, students will be well on their way to a rewarding career in Local 303 Niagara.
  • Participants will be evaluated frequently throughout the entire 18-week term to ensure Local 303’s goal of providing each participant with an enhanced set of skills and knowledge that will boost their employability in the workforce, leading to a positive and gainful long-term career.

The Local 303 Job Readiness Program is an Employment Ontario project and is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.